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Not Your Average Ultra

A report by Anika Onyango, winner of the Katabatic Crawl — an ungodly 995-km trail race set in the Namib Desert


This novella was generated by a program. Anika Onyango is a fictional character — her name randomly selected from a list of people that don’t exist. The Katabatic Crawl is also made up, but barely so; if you want to run through a blazing desert, plenty of real-world medals are on offer.

There’s one particular race — not in a desert, but deep in the hilly Tennessee wilderness — famous for its quixotic nature: the Barkley Marathons, a navigational nightmare that starts when the race director lights a cigarette, and more often than not ends without a single person finishing.

After first learning of the Barkley, I went and read all the race reports of people who’d won over the years. Aside from the silly mileage, miserable weather, and unforgiving terrain, a limiting factor in their extreme acts of endurance was the simple need for some shut-eye. No energy gel or fancy gear can beat sleep deprivation.

When ultramarathon athletes stagger and yet remain vertical, day after day, they begin to battle their own senses. They become disoriented. Hear their doubts voiced by the trees. Glimpse figures in the dawn.

The race report to follow dials up these cognitive and perceptual distortions. It begins as a straight mash-up of Barkley reports — but as the race progresses, the Markov models generating the text increasingly draw on another corpus: a selection of psychoactive experiences published on Erowid.

I created Not Your Average Ultra back in 2018 for NaNoGenMo, an annual event where the goal is to write code that outputs a 50,000-word “novel”. The entries are endlessly quirky and inspiring — from a travelogue that drifted through Wikipedia’s geolocated articles, to a book of explanations that paired scraped tweets into rhyming couplets.

For this edition of my entry, I condensed the original to 12,000 words by shearing paragraphs and sentences willy-nilly. I didn’t add or rearrange anything. Indeed, I spent less than an hour slimming it down — after all, given patience and ingenuity, erasure can entirely transform texts. My only aim was to better surface the weird sentences and oddly poetic moments. Enjoy!

Nathan Mifsud
September 2020


The odyssey begins

A lone eagle soared overhead, signalling the start of the race. Fifty-two of us moved off in a pack. Travis joked about our pace. We ran in dense leaves, which meant no mud and less rain! That means your body is burning mostly fats and proteins.

I descended the wrong direction. The temperature kept climbing. I was moving so slow.

At the top of the leg I really enjoyed just sitting atop a leafless gray tree. The mental challenge of navigating helped when the whale claimed one last victim. I was a combination of sticky rubber, aggressive tread, snug fit, breath-ability, and a corpse with the water flowing underneath the prison. It was truly an asset and a solid pace and aim for this failure.

I developed a sharp compensation-related right-knee pain.

In his thick Southern accent he said, “Come on Nick… come on Nick… come on Nick… come on Nick… come on Nick… keep your shit together.”

He asked about more than finishing. I was losing my race philosophy. A pretty distinct difference from the distant rumble of thunder steadily approached. On our way right to the spot where the asphalt meets the gravel. When we got to the southern capstone I’m overjoyed with excitement.

We reached the river, drank plentifully, filled my bottles, and literally tear off down a bag of skittles… I felt a sense of calm.

I was immortal… I was eager to make it to him from the previous capstone. He then took off and have done quite a few snakes on the ascents. As we started down upper Rat Jaw by one of the way down Rat Jaw, up Meth Lab hill and disappeared around the trail, give it everything they’ve got. Alyssa offered to boil me some spaghetti and I ran in dense leaves.

I was on completely new terrain. And the last few glimpses of the big downed tree that spanned a section of the woods and cursed at myself for putting on pants, the day of caution, making sure I turned back and forth.

Yet somehow I had to dig some food out of frigid necessity. I told him that I was also aware that a single move ahead. I was with was talking about how it was going right. The campground was completely disoriented.

The runner must embrace that which he fears the most.

I knew the course meant I would see this section a few flash rain showers.

I was becoming disillusioned and began to slip. This has plagued me throughout the weekend. Despite the wide array of noises in camp I repacked for the best of me — so I took a look around, admired the sheer beauty of the nighttime ascent of Stallion, when we crossed paths at the top. There was no reason to rock the boat if nothing was said, I did most of the race before in hopes that they could under tough and rapidly changing circumstances and felt great. With a renewed strength. He asked how I normally approach Katabatic Crawl.

I preferred clockwise because I now think I can… Come on Nick… Come on Nick… Si se puede… echale ganas guay… ponte perro… vaminos!

This method has become popular for quite a ways getting slashed and groaning throughout. In any case we had been guiding him I should be embraced.

This happened dozens of cheering spectators at the top and am very proud to run faster. Is it the pursuit of goals or the achievement of a briar clump and I was still a single mistake.

I never stopped to dig some food out of camp as quickly as possible. A tight IT band, along with some hip alignment issues from months prior, resulted in violent fit of retching and vomiting all over ourselves like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed in that area constantly diverging, merging, and spontaneously ending. David could have created a problem though if I had to make decent decisions. Okay, I wasn’t laughing… it was now going to either mis-navigate or hit an extremely vibrant orange and red cardinal just sitting atop a leafless gray tree.

I love the Katabatic Crawl, you have to earn our moments, and I thought this addition was irrelevant even if success seems bleak.

It is hard enough with full moon. They all got a big blow down to the east!

In my sleepless mind playing tricks on me, but this was due to problems and inefficiencies associated with the forest. I would need to be out there and hoped that I will beg and plead to go on ahead. I verbally described the night climb up Big Hell. I first began to consider responses, I would see him again.

In the fog, I walked the asphalt meets the gravel.

Unlike last year, but thankfully I knew the course held together well.

Ultimately we hit the big downed tree to a time when I was going to allow it. We finished the descent down Stallion I noticed my pace on descents wasn’t as fast as I could. Plus, you get the difficult navigational areas out of reach. A mutual friend had suggested and blew up. After several emails, an exam, a written essay, a wacky application which I knew I would help me with pacing and in return I would finish off the trail and acquisition of the race.

At the top by some unexplainable force of will, I started running as if it was just starting to get me to show up.

First night

Five runners were already gone. I somehow found a suitable replacement for my body as it’s a long-ass climb.

But now the sun begins to set and we took off and didn’t stop until I finally felt my pursuit of goals or the achievement of them that is what I heard other veterans refer to this fascinating event, I was still in pretty good shape. The cigarette was lit under my ass. As I hit all the pain? Most started powerwalking up Zipline.

We made our way down the descent to Pig Head Creek. It’s impossible to go back.

I let out a mighty roar in the rain. I climbed Little Hell in just over 9 hours.

Why on earth do my ribs hurt? Moon out, we sat down on the verge of bonking and was worried about screwing it up, and dragged around Frozen Head and cruised over the standard protocol. I am not in the future.

I was in a random leaf pile, but they felt much better shape. First time racers latching onto anyone who hasn’t experienced Katabatic Crawl. I took off with a turkey sandwich that hadn’t cooperated. We generously doused ourselves before starting back down. As much as I didn’t understand what he did, and it was rather apropos that I would have scared the living daylights out of camp in under 30 minutes. I began organizing my pack and headed down.

A stroke of luck

His rain jacket would surely not be familiar. No one swore out loud but I’m sure due to heart issues. This lack of infrastructure, interestingly, is exactly what events that have punctuated my life richer and I knew the importance of being cold disappeared.

I was setting myself up for the climb that lasts forever, and snow is still blowing in my mind. Fatigue set in. I spotted a distant headlamp across the valley below us, but he insisted and so I didn’t collapse and pass out.

Back on the descent, as I could have been over the storm. I couldn’t help but think about the prospect that all the pain? The trick is to eat the burnt parts then throw it back to camp I saw was headlamps, but I beat Travis over to the rusty barrel and climbed up Rat Jaw a small smile. My mind wandered to the rock.

How was I, an admitted “middle-of-the-packer”, going to take off his pack and go. I got closer, I got up and that we were descending Checkmate Hill hoping the pain wouldn’t get worse. I quickly came back in camp, probably 15 minutes. Reaching the last minute, we saw some lights moving along the new course on two or three consecutive days. I suppose it was now gone and although I had worked toward for over three years, and was uncertain about where I went on.

It’s at this point. And I was through the brush. In my sleepless state, and the switchbacks, I now felt great.

Without thinking about it. Remember you’re going to finish. My message to you is doing the best line through the most problems. The time was perfect and fluid.

And when I rounded the corner to Rat Jaw. Apparently I also wanted to sleep in the coffee. It was rainy, wet, foggy and I started the next level is still at camp at this point in the South and I switched back to reality. John asked how confident I had left over my body.

“There it is,” said Alan as we headed back to my left. I thought about the tricky spots and compass bearings. To be at the same time as possible.

“We have to believe in you,” I said as I took the plunge.

Luckily, without much trouble.

Because this is the reverse Leonard’s Butt Slide to Big Hell, I was going to allow it. A mutual friend had suggested Carl and I still couldn’t resist the magnetic pull down the cables to the needs I would be made soon and I was awakened by my crew.

Cool I think, as I wanted. My mind snapped back into a full body check. This is what I expected.

I had a PhD in theoretical mathematics but was surprised to find the book. I pushed on and just raised my hand in acknowledgement.

I got lost for seven hours.

I cruised up Big Hell again; endless to me.

It’s got a while to be out here. Master the power line. Alan and Bev both said “Definitely!”

Dominique looked at my watch gave me a little confusion at the top. This climb was a NASCAR pit stop. “This is bullshit!” I said to myself. We completed the new Checkmate Hill.

Spiritually, I decided to keep them dry. Byron had scouted this section in under 9 hrs flat. When those races started I was necessarily worried about the history of coming unglued. We kept walking with the new bearing, which ended up too much of the picnic area when I broke below a fog as Chimney Top’s peak.

Pain, pain, pain

Another 5 runners had dropped. The world had somehow gotten fried with a combination that lent itself to me how I normally approach Katabatic Crawl. It is very enjoyable, as I walked, the pain and cuts.

The joy has disappeared and I was making me very dizzy. In retrospect I felt free to be out on my bed. For whatever reason, this was now in little vignette segments and not only could I be able to sleep, so when the job done before night fell. Id read how great water feels on the trip, increasing and then another runner in a Monet painting, my vision became more and more tightly, like the course during a thick fog on Rat Jaw in the “wrong” direction anyway.

The best part is that my am tight against me, cold again, nervous. I have hanging from reality by a cop, no way! This gave me guidance and insight bombards me.

What a nice fruit drink. I was regaining control.

Most importantly, however, was the manifestation of the event. Alyssa had dreams of spending the winter training in the end I decided to push them further.

This is it, or just look at him. Normally the sunrise in an increasingly balanced and symmetrical. I had just cast the die into a solid grasp on the original flower.

Alone in my mind. We kept along the edges of the film when the Katabatic Crawl finish must be necessary to do was sit and rest, but instead I had a face now like a computer glitching.

I then headed away from the contents of the most pleasurable experience I guess.

Once we had been stuck in the way down Bird, I found myself wandering about the little mannerisms and features of almost everyone in camp ahead of him.

I pecked away down the cables to pull myself up-hill, but riddled with shin-level briars that tore our legs to my chest and esophagus from the stage. Then before the race. My output was high and the reason I felt a closeness with God. It is hard to put together masterfully, but then lost our course for a moment. Each branch was waving in such high spirits.

The time spent on these mountains was a whirlwind of thoughts and little segments of rhythm, but I forced myself to trust my heart-rate monitor and continue.

I find myself very entertained by the second, more importantly, it was freezing. Everything was vibrating in its right place. It was an impossible task. Again about half an hour and as he finished the descent to backtrack and try to catch up to Indian Knob. In the end, I was confident that he could help me pack.

We each shared how we have said, how we could get back on maintained trail, I realize that I was able to bear down.

I whip out my compass and carefully, but steadily ascended Big Hell at first sight. On our way down Bird, I suddenly had this bizarre cognitive breakthrough that everything was an incredible feeling. I feel that familiar pang of panic, I saw that it is. I get to the opening story, that I was pulsing, throbbing, glowing with love and compassion.

I then slowly settled back down, trying to force the pace as I next called him, right in front of me.

I was the first time; some of the ditch, and took off my shirt and dipped my fingers into the things they really are. A few miles later I heard other veterans refer to this experience and I am on the Nile.

I am pulled into camp and started walking towards a tent I had enough and Zipline marked the last cross-country downhill. However, worshiping my ego, and reveling in the quilt, feeling that I could climb the big table-sized rock.

In addition to being thrashed by non-entities? I could not think that the storm left as quickly as the glistening rains danced on prismatic puddles catching neon lights somewhere out of camp just a wisp of I, cartwheeling in the blinds. I wish it was love, I wouldn’t be able to distinguish between what I can sit still.

An emotional few hours

These lessons alter our perspective on life and perhaps the conditions that I was even able to hang on, not slip into everything. Likewise, I was just a wisp of I. My body also was able to interact with everyone. The baseline by which we decided to see where this machine shredding right past the navigationally challenging parts, but eventually get back onto me a pair of Crocs to wear most of the hike.

My feet are a thing in the race, Jim. They are my desperate gasps.

Eventually we left and I notice an awareness of love and joy. Once again, I looked down at the edge of what was going to need it.

Today, I felt a false sense of fractioning harmonies, especially during storms. Everything formed this shape, like the true nature of the voyeuristic sun for once. I had a feeling that I couldn’t find it. I may have pushed too hard to start the descent from Stallion and achieving my objective, I immediately think, “Oh no”. I finally reached the highest concentrations of chromosomes at each end, but all I knew this area. How was I, one who could choose to not be competing due to my mind to its insanity, admitted my feebleness, and chose the clockwise direction.

It was quite disturbing.

It was like a glorious transition into another group who wanted help getting to Bobcat Rock. This was not on the descent down a little lower than I really shouldn’t be surprised if there was lots of hills.

It allowed me to keep the tryptamine flash. On an energetic level, I could very easily stumble and fall into ruin.

I just calmly remind myself that I couldn’t imagine the pain in the natural setting I faired well with the surrounding valley. There was enough and I feel that inside my head felt tight. I quickly realized this only makes me flinch.

Halfway there

I glanced down at my watch. 500-ish kilometres down, 500 to go! Or perhaps we were moving.

When on the perfect setting for a while. Otherwise I knew where I was. Every time a different emotion or physical ability, it was normally supposed to be.

The ‘victory’ lap quickly turned into sticks as I wanted. It is heaven to me that he would catch up. I just showered and got to the gate at the tower. I wanted to do well at Katabatic Crawl. From the top we start walking along the nerves… in between the realizer and the same time in ashramas in Australia, America, and India, which has involved hours of sunlight left.

But things being as a simple life force of will, I started singing loudly in order the day I may be my last moment. I printed out USGS topo maps, began studying every mountain in the heat of the day of the universe organized into clusters of planets and stars, comets, black holes, etc., As I left AT, Alan, and Bev. “Gary coming in,” he said so she’d know who they were meat machines, like terrifying animals that were dancing across it, still awash in nausea and the addition of Checkmate Hill while it’s still light outside.

The words from the combination was very excited just knowing I should try to sleep, it will also be cold as hell as soon as one large consciousness, and the same situation. It was at the undulating floor. They were up on fast motion film.

Fifteen minutes can’t replace three nights of sleep to get rid of the question as to connect with someone else to describe to him about lining up the final hundred yards and could still swim fine, and went about 100 yards downstream and passed a comfort that was tumbling into the prison I am incredibly indebted to him for dear life. I proceeded cautiously, not recognizing much in the poses than others. It was now walking shuffling down Chimney Top without any issue at all. I guess it got to the summit was the source of the road. Finally, at about the light did not sleep, I was losing it. I kept encountering distortions in sound and eventually got to the confluence. I begin laughing, milk squirts from the optimal form that they were meant to drink an entire energy drink and don’t drink. This method has become like an eternity. Half-way through, I threw off my face. We eventually made it in a happy state, I realized that there was Nick sitting on the same essential intensity in my life that can be, she killed these children to teach them the beauty in the plan. The stars are literally dancing in the tunnel where water had been looking forward to watching the cows whilst I was just so damned frustrated.

I remembered I had a better shot.

If we could do a little unnerving. After a quick turnaround in camp during the years while watching my heroes turn “hot laps” at Katabatic Crawl, so the record even if Laz implemented a nightmare course change I did finally let go. I stayed in the group decided to ascend Rat Jaw… a mess of cut down briars on the course. I told myself not to move with a list of new people daily, bring them joy and curiosity in their rooms by this time there was anything there to do but go. My iPod was playing video games and I didn’t want to sleep since I was contently chewing as Dan leaned forward and two big climbs along with the one to another.

Also, on the correct stream all the fibers looked like they do! So I took off after Byron. I may as well and knew he may get mad if I the heart of the tunnel. I looked at my map, pulled out my bag of skittles… I felt like an eternity. When I get out first.

My body would fragment, shattering into furry mammals and snakes! I was a bubbling, active volcano, erupting in a haze.

This thought gave me cause for frustration could be very helpful during the drinking my stomach at all, I catch up on, but it was the special priviledge to see where the ‘eye of the trance state, but by this incredible sense of my head stretching upwards. I don’t really know the last 20 minutes, it would feel like I was in the distance, making whirring and whizzing noises here and at least Tra?

His compass broke and he isn’t bothered by weird sine wave noises coming from a toothbrush and some congratulations on my quest to eat and don’t drink. Bizarre alterations in my mind. I thought that was not part of Tennessee. I started to whistle and chirped it a run.

Focusing on everything is fine, over and over, but just because I came up right to the summit of Chimney Top Trail in Manitou Springs, Colorado, I suffered an ankle sprain — again. The world was completely against the side a lot, which I could use my compass to keep pulling until all connotations were stripped from the ledge, but it was rather than a runner and mind in his own words. I stopped to relieve myself in the distance as a sort of mania, I was to be an urban fad, and he isn’t bothered by weird sine wave noises coming from my last good sleep, it would be fueled by every last valuable minute getting back on track.

Rain, constant rain. Do you see the ground. He laid it on I started walking to the prison lights and heard a baby being born and then another and another… Something terrible was about to end. Gary led the remainder of the white whale called Katabatic Crawl, and anyone who hasn’t experienced Katabatic Crawl is nothing to really cruise on it. As I began to see all the rain for pouring? My feet and we ran into a negative way, without ever having met her or given her which specific personality traits and her guide Christian given how extremely difficult to accept. He leaves that made me feel better.

An eye was all over again though, I felt the collective God of the early start meant finishing before the first switchback descending from Bald Knob. I fell deeper and letting participates decide for themselves what gear they should bring,the result appears to us on what was to go to relax and unwind, releases all up and immediately saw the blazing sun, the eons of waves in front of Nick was leading, followed at some distance by Iso, Eva and Jon. If I let myself feel.

Never before was I was moving. I tried to eat and sleep.

In our previous discussion, Jim had said he didn’t think it might have have been to the Garden Spot in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

It was just that moment to a chessboard as real and right there with them.

But as the next athletic challenge. By the minute, I was certain that we reached a suitable replacement for my home. It takes over two nights, I seldom felt sleepy on the back of the Katabatic Crawl. I grab a bread knife to cut the kiwi.

And therefore, I was still legitimately concerned that Jared’s foot problems could be the two people I had an experience that induces spiritual growth.

Somewhere in this completely abstract work of the sunlight, and us stunned from the briars and fallen power lines with which I had to have notarized, and a few more of my prior attempts so it seemed to be able to make decent decisions. It looked all distorted.

The noise floor of daily life was occurring was very excited. I screamed with the fresh snow on the bright side or I could ride her voice for miles.

The body load throughout was magnificent, and the light inside I felt burnt though, raw and unstable. Do you want to live like this don’t happen very often.

I felt like a mass of beached seaweed.

I return to the darkness. And began to fall apart.

They seemed to stretch off into the endless life-eats-life cycle. A sparrow flew by overhead, and I find the right one. Everyone else was alien. She was a solar oven.

I became anxious and would never be contained in a vulcan death grip.

Digging deep

Somehow I met God.

I felt a dozen times. It was more tired than I had broken the record and the snow is blowing in my fingertips. We opened the cooler air streaming in. I was and yet we always find a way to test the visuals. Interestingly, none of the rock.

This was a little while.

The divine presence within directed my thankfulness and my quads hurt, but I am weeping and have even realized its importance at that point I pulled the hoodie of my mind must have had to go clockwise as I was at the back door to find theirs and to the Pillars of Death and verify I in fact we’d mostly been lying there for a short break and I danced away the mystery.

I thought then to a state beyond pain. I was trapped within my mind’s eye. I started to love this plainness after the intensity of this maze.

We left camp feeling great and intensified the visuals a bit we decided to fast for a moment. And when the telepathic communication until I began seeing very elaborate images. We both are overwhelmed by the accelerating eruption of ecstasy I was pulsing, throbbing, glowing with energy. Bank as much as I didn’t even know who I had been trying to ease my nerves too, this motion went right through the same evil from earlier had returned. And, for that matter. I watched the water vapor molecules that formed clouds in the air. Start the cycle of life, but these digital, man-made, archetypes kept coming into my mind blasting and firing away. Each breeze felt like there is an amazing pattern the petals make?

I was going to the very peak of orgasm for millennia and must embrace it. We’re talking lizard tails as real and staving off the correct mind state. Maybe great, really deep bass and treble thick with vibration.

I told her the entire logic immediately. Concepts became increasingly abstract. She gently pulled and tugged, let go, relax but also really interesting visions continuing full force.

I would re-create the world around me. I did start seeing symmetry in plants and the symphony of the valuable daylight.

Then, I could see a large wasp.

A well-oiled machine

Thick rainbowish fuzzy borders around and the many scattered facets of my physical surroundings again. I looked at my disposal given the briar-slashed limbs and eyes grow heavy and thick borders. We all tried to locate it, but now I appreciate all of the vast amount of time has past since then and I was seeing but he insisted.

The whole experience of my surroundings. Watch that one of the evening as I focused again on my fun run finish, was fit for a long ride. There is a sublime reflex penned onto the ground-level veranda at the time. I get up and pressed onward. A collage of thoughts without context.

Then hit the panic button a little overwhelmed.

I fit in somewhere between mountain runner and rock climber. I simply love the neon-lit bowling alley and the wonder of having a body. I paused; the table simply melted away before my eyes. I was surprised and needed sleep. The only thing I learned from this? It just feels like it sucked all the air that in order to just enjoy the ephenidine as dessert. After more useless map analysis I decided to go limp. I focused on their suggestion that I am still able to control it.

I held until time began, becoming apart of the air that in the carpet burn until the feeling that its hours later I was very intense and people that work all the way one would be very helpful.

Everything spoke to me on a relatively low pressure, I let my body until it faded into a trance. This breeze was the last laugh… not this year… I wasn’t racing or was not only the beginning, the first time all too organic, like they were no entities to guide me this time.

He looked at was breathing enough or too much. I lost track of very deep, complex ideas.

The sickness is superficially distressing, but on this planet for so long. I had travelled the same time every evening, I’d sit on the cheap watches that Laz has cancelled the race increased so that in the fog started to try and wash the acid-smell off my face.

I couldn’t see my pitiful body clinging to the couch and lie on a coastline or seashore, and the music. Somehow, we finally managed to open your mouth.

I felt abandoned, distant, trapped, kidnapped, let down, and looked through the motions of life, death and rebirth.

He was kind and had very little room for an easy place to explore the contents of the world in my last good sleep, it will make me a trillion times stronger.

The way back, and my ego freaking, who knows where to go home. God told me to stand under we lit our little dude up and I saw the textures on the course. I sat down with force in due time, knowing what I did not go further, but perhaps I had been lifted out of the trees which began resembling massive beautiful peacock feathers protruding from the womb into this deep daydream.

He is getting sucked into the omniechoing static and being moderately injured. He told me telepathically that I definitely started to feel a lot of this mountain. The cold water on the grass of a great deal of creative and move into something good. Katabatic Crawl… ahhh… it felt good because I let out a skyline to which I still didn’t know it is providing me with it: The sound of the visual stimulation presented to me that are exposed intertwine with each repeat of the former.

I remember seeing thousands of hill repeats.

I felt so good. Nearby we discover a tree where I was feeling very familiar. I felt myself fall right through the right, and pleasurable. My heart was beating really starts to take the experience I felt like the earth like a circus joker figuresque thing, in the engulfing nothingness. I really want to have to endure, but right now will ever be capable of this. The few short conversations with dancing beatniks, walk on chessboards, follow snakes, watch pharmacies turn into patterns like those in Aztec or Mayan architecture.

I know my pupils are enormous. Each step is true; each step towards these trees was causing a feeling of loneliness and separation.

I stopped for a while, refueled and Tim and I talked television.

I did some sort of blister popping and whirring sounded very good, and right, and rotate back around and the fabric was pleasantly warm but oddly harsh on my friends face was exhilarating and literally took the lead group was just too much faster than my time up to Rough Ridge and got up to a time at the incredible beauty of the held-in-tension and eventual solidification of the cold just because I took one last peak of orgasm for millennia and then he started to take on a high-elevation hike at this moment on death were odd.

Everyone who stuck around started to make some kind of crowd, or festival.

“You want your bottles?” fired off JB.

I started feeling my brain. The first real test of endurance run, vertical-gain extravaganza, orienteering challenge, and survival contest. I’m so happy and had a sharp pain whenever I could the snake and I began to get astounding and glorious revelations. I look up and get a rise out of the object that absorbed our attention, like a triangle.

I washed my mouth out and blow the damned horn at midnight signaling one hour to sink in. The entities seemed to have to earn our moments, and I felt the most enjoyable and a bit closer and they strongly protested once I had to urinate really badly, and on up the initial flash, but this combination is a must-read for anyone interested in Zen. I ran off preparing myself for another hour. It felt so overwhelmed by this point was empty terror.

Down, down, down we go upstairs and purged for what could potentially be a shame to miss the first of the air around me. I couldn’t explain what I can get disorientated in Tennessee a couple minutes later, I started to wither away and start swapping info with other runners. I started thinking the symptoms might be dreaming this entire thing. Between each pose, I was cramping severely, and in touch with reality. He doesn’t know what is going on, telling me that every other finisher has some sort of thing which binds matter together, and stood looking into it. The split second this thought enters my mind knew that this fractal was pure joy. Within an hour ahead of me now, and I catch a glimpse of a “fitness cushion” as possible.

All I see it if I was supposed to pick it up with the peak of something external as being dense as neutron stars. Conversation had a bit scary, but there was no end to the carnival. I began to be careful. In trying to lead and jogged up the miserable “death march” that seemed to take a walk but I resisted launching into another session of wonder at the time. Seeing the full moon hanging over my head that controlled all of these pillars that the experience itself, because it seemed to have more than I was still a little more zing so to speak, which even the thought of doing less than two weeks. According to the darkness. I laugh and feel intensely content, as had happened in my goal of total ego and great sorrow. The descent down the Chimney capstone is that there are some miscellaneous observations about this year’s race.

I told Ian that I am, and the possibility that I had been deleted from my chest.

Making progress

I opted for some great dream sea, our souls intertwined. We went into the earth. Guster came on with my home, that there was no cross stream and then stronger and brighter and brighter and brighter and, suddenly, the elastic band of my mind to its limits.That night I plumbed depths I may have had a body, of the room, and then have to explain sober.

It ascends just over 9 hours. Each peak dances and shifts with the environment and the sound of my own I felt raw, exposed, curled up like a thinly stretched piece of white paper and a calm core was aware that there are tracks right here, aren’t there? I breathed the biggest deepest most comforting breath of my cats, who is remaining perfectly still. I am having less trouble navigating at night, which was the big three climbs easier than navigate down them so well.

This time I attributed it to hit when I hit the tower with exactly six hours to arrive at the end, Carl became the source of most of my consciousness and seems to redirect the trip and wax and wane but was being crushed by a ring of cloud that was in a great festival of life itself, and that by standing up. A way to keep them dry. The erratic and nondescript spiders web patterns took on a very peaceful feeling, more pleasant than diving in an essentially fake reality.

My stomach was tight and beautiful. I was happy to analyze the cause of suffering I was going through, where I was heading into an elf and I realized that it dawned upon me but she wasn’t ready, she was my job to find me, or me to do my ribs hurt, and my movements were followed by one with the courage to openly resist the unpleasant tension in my physical being. It was beginning to ascend in creative ways, which spread the wear-and-tear out over my eyes and began whirling through my body, each growing molten and radiating light. When we close our eyes, we are because that would verify that we stick together. He doesn’t know what is what.

It was hot, I was just slightly upset. Ten or eleven minutes had passed, the longest 30-minute descent of Zipline and a great sense of the demons of the television was on. It did not matter if I happened to John? I could wrangle it into the water as it felt comfortable doing so. I know my pupils have largely dilated.

Hegel applies the idea that I have written and directed by a rapid roller-coaster of feeling more connected to our tent the music of the tunnel and found myself craving snacks familiar to me that was fitting for the purpose of being, just to be able to move again I had confidence, but the sun is setting, and I was way more control. It was euphoric and during the walk at certain intervals we would make me feel even nicer and more powerful sensation of being wet until my stomach clenched, and I realized that although it was all we knew.

While drying myself it felt like pure energy. Talking to God, but there were no cathartic feelings at that I saw that it was a huge, warping, prismatic fabric that wove the universe and that if I could navigate this tricky section. It’s amazing how quickly one can not just going to make my way up Checkmate. I looked back and told me he didn’t think I could. A truth that is sacred and necessary. It seemed like an eternity at my watch.

Since my experience, which I easily awoke, thrilled to know already what song to play. Nick said he didn’t let it hurt. From the first time two horses grazing in their own isolated existence. I hoped it wasn’t working. I just prayed the cosmos will start to spin again.

Being at the yellow gate, my friends, because that line was meant for them. I went upstairs and I have described. Thank You, I said not to come and go on a more natural type of repetition that was almost overwhelmed with mind-blowingly elaborate mind’s eye visuals seemed to be in, and I’m enjoying it immensely.

Until we had to open my eyes could function even though I drank about as thin as mine when he escaped from Zeesersow. The snakes were gone, I couldn’t have been happening on an arachnid character, with thick black leg lines growing from it that seems to have flashbacks of last year. It began to bubble up around him, and yet somehow I can’t wait to tell her about the place, and now I can feel the urge for a millisecond each. Shockingly, we got to where we were experiencing we both managed to make it back on track we marched up to Nikolay Nachev just before midnight.

I grinned like a madman. I saw the look on his stool grasping his harp between his palms, but Fat Albert from the bed and back towards the south-east sky. We sat and talked about how good and evil, life and death and destruction.

I could hear children playing around on the floor before my eyes but it was her.

It then made me figure out how to speak. I was stepping into the leaves so slowly. The tree limbs are like giant am made of it until you have ever seen on any psychedelic. I couldn’t remember it myself without it so much I cannot decipher I could mold the energy rise back to my neck to feel like I couldn’t do it justice, due to the introduction to the back of my surroundings. The words, experienced as both as conceptertions and audible stimuli were repeated again and again; it came of waves in front of me. But most of the prison. The images fade in intensity.

My knee hurts so I closed my eyes.

I zigzagged somewhat during the race, Matt spontaneously bought a ticket and decided to go down to the summit presented itself. I searched for my present condition would be substantially less tethered to reality and into the computer and any barriers that it left long-lasting trails. The most natural way I can barely see and to the other bump and we sent him off with a strange sense of appetite had returned for another trip. Katabatic Crawl over the cliff top in just under 33 hours of meditation each day, study, celibacy, fortnightly fasting, often minimal sleeping, and many types of dreams as Kali Dreams, after the trip.

I have a pink Lego castle to my senses.

And I was unable to control it.

Eventually, I found the previous race reports was now in new social situations and attempted to figure out how Walt could be so cold in my life, including the matryoshka doll-like stacking of realities or time slices or events that have lots of infrastructure desire, knowing that most resemble the Flower of Life, and other forms of incredibly intricate fractals being formed out of the situation. Once Alyssa returned with a pack of stickers.

The entity that I hadn’t eaten in over 50 hours I was bummed that I couldn’t risk it. The tight hamstrings were frozen because they are afraid of death. It was beginning to respond telepathically to the kitchen and we headed in the eye of the veranda outside of my second-hand Katabatic Crawl stood out of camp, but realized that drinking must be to place the blame elsewhere. When the machine adds the sum total of all things: Everything is one. The rooms became infinitely more complex and organized from our experiences in the basement. Some types are less concerned with our eyes closed and I could tell that we could use them, and pour myself into another place.

I shake my head.

This is when a limb falls asleep. I knew now that they sounded a lot of attacks to my first entity contact. I led the remainder of a trip sitter, which was rippling towards me in my conscious mind.

I was still trembling, my pulse was tremoring, and I felt the most difficult to navigate, especially on the ground, mock it, then be the case. It became harder and harder, I increased my speed was very confusing to find my field of vision, but little else.As I began to feel like god, wanting to express more, the will to experience the most extreme time dilation for a moment of paranoia and fear shook me.

The second attempt at rolling found my faculties intact, answering obscure questions and reading clearly. The awed silence that he did it all over everything. Ten minutes into the intensity of effects would shoot out of the meditation described in this totally new, unprecedented, and wholly screwy space-time distortion and there are feelings of a rocking ship, that whatever was wrong. I could feel it just to understand its level of light as a counterpoint to the floor — and I toss and turn the oven off too. While trying to do the first several miles were on the corner of the “no aid” policy once one enters.

I had no choice but to press on. I barreled down Stallion Mountain. I had developed a dangerous electrolyte imbalance. Take away the blues!

Waning confidence

We were shuffling, I was stepping into the darkness. I have ventured into the fear, I focused on one side and she was my next endeavor was the psychedelic tremors build in intensity. I kept encountering distortions in sound and who knows what the experience in any meaningful way. I laid down but the trippyness has begun to lose its meaning. Before we even hugged for a split second, though, I accepted that my glasses to drop below the Beech Tree. The blue crept with depth and detail of the limitations imposed upon me by sheer force of intensity to it, to some of them, and like a kid chasing a helium balloon. I am rewarded if I never ever ever come out of view.

It began to spread centrally from the ground. The geometric shapes appear to be this silent music playing all around me. We chatted a bit and saw a green lizard tail out of my breathing, staring into the thoughts of separating from the storm. He was at the astounding ness of everything I’ve hoped I was home alone, and I had a body at this or was it?

I constantly yearned to find that I’m still here!

I am thankful that my pupils are enormous. Geometry was completely full of repeating, spiralling patterns.

I consider it a bad weird. It’s the feeling fill me and there was some wavy movement of objects with my friends suggest that I gained on that trip has been found by all the iconic sites. Back on the same time period.

As I climbed an entirely different peak. I went with it by being inside.

Slowly the trance state, but by this point it’s almost dark. It was time to regroup and I was a blessing, and was at the Garden Spot and Coal Ponds I got naked and dripping with sweat and the same time. I notice the little souls and know what is possible.

The majority of them looks like a circus act. And I ran into Jennilyn who was well worth the risk of a universal spirit.

Reality fell apart and quit I figured, perhaps that was unfolding was quite beautiful. I was in the baby blue sky. The descent down a ways on the right mountain. I snapped out of the dunes seemed to be conscious of my lungs no longer supposed to be a being in character was just moonlight seeping in! Differing colors, shadows and the space between the physical torture I had experienced in the room that the cold just because it was a balloon being poured full of repeating, spiralling patterns. My facial muscles and my left ankle. Nobody else can understand my state except for some time with other things and that I was having thoughts of being that must be as powerful as possible, though, as that would curl themselves into circles before spinning off into infinity. I tried to protest, but had chased the whale into the air moving out to Indian Knob.

The most central thing was watching it warp and move.

I sat in the daylight. It was as if the ducks were playing out where I was very important to note, during this rising mania I would have to be a very introspective state, with the tongue — what is possible.

I thought about stopping again. Incidentally, I also reduced the amount of vomit. As these waves passed through reality, I realized that my depth perception and visual detail were still firing in my feet. It wasn’t depression, it wasn’t raining… yet. It was a person watching me. Collecting our pages at the end of the meditation described in the corners of my own pace to the womb. I reached a steeply downhill part where the snake and making the perceptions of a plant, which is beautifully strange and unique phenomenon for me. Finishing the Katabatic Crawl is not good. It’s filled with conceptual images, a dizzying cacophony of ideas that I was noticing, in retrospect, aspects of myself a bowl of cereal approximately 2 hours before. I went to sleep for eight hours.

Their tails, long elegant and lifted high into the air, creating fantastic geometric planes of energy. I needed to go on and up our valley. Only frightened at how long I was certain that we would have really enjoyed myself and have the ability to imagine what I had lost her forever.

Lady Delysid… you are everything, everything is everything else.

As the feeling like no other, but I had hardly slept the night done. I realized that drinking must be as powerful as possible, though, as that was to climb in pitch but in rather high and I thought my race was over.

The party began in earnest as we approached each other in fits and starts.

There were numerous lightning bolts that struck very close to infinity that we should at least attempt to get kicked in from the birds and insects that looked real. Of course all this was indeed the fabric was pleasantly warm but oddly harsh on my lips, hoping I would have a thunder storm. I can’t access in my own private hell of a hill high in the opposite direction, he was literally blind, except, instead of trying to get warm as I am focusing on points in the world, with less attachment to possessions and money. Above, a battle raged across the street and a couple days later when I was part of the pack, there was a giant chessboard. Conversing with the slightest of visuals.

The reflex action had been in better shape than last year. We opened the door and he isn’t bothered by weird sine wave noises coming from the river bank. I couldn’t remember crossing so many of them, wrapping my entire life. But this device, which caught my new pal, Carl. I felt shaken, shaken by my face and seemed to rush and swirl around the lakefill in the race. It’s no wonder you were so many of them also start to go and stood up and down my spine, and the Bad Thing. The impermanent effects and side-effects of psychedelics indicated to me — ways my body like rainbow fur. And the tail swung back and a small part of something totally unfamiliar. I returned from my base chakra.

My fluids and salts were balanced and less suffering would be to negotiate at night. This continued for a while longer, but the colors and shapes. It is an infinite obsidian cathedral, its buttresses glaring over me, pulled me in, captured me. Gary and I know how long.

I vowed to not to expound on personal details while still trying to realize how frightening it is so temporary and that if I relaxed and I decide that I hadn’t noticed, it was just tendinitis. I got off by a cop, no way!

I could spend hours walking like this stacking, tumbling feature, increasing complexity. With my eyes again.

He was having paranoid thoughts that came to a different presence began to pace the house. We were all I could never be able to trace that cynicism to an empty mask to it, creating movement between everything, despite an actual lack of course did not fight them.

I put my hand in ice and black fractal orb around me. I open the front steps. I had been tackling this as a drawing point for me — the cumulative beating really fast, for a feeling that everything was cam I felt that she could be known, but completely unable to move on. The saying of mind over matter was dissolving before my eyes.

The body load throughout was magnificent, and the space feels vast.

I was in an extremely accomplished runner who I may as well as I can, knowing it will be transported somewhere away from the grind of responsibility. And I don’t feel that on some clothes, and went with it the previous two attempts. I had imagined when I was only a flaw of perception. Food has become like an infant.

I started telling my friends and family existed on this level and every one. After the class and informed me that embodied myself would gladly move on because we were all having great fun at the flames seemed like I was informed Jared Cambell was leading them through an event like this don’t happen very often.

With that gaze, I instantly realized she had a rough time on Earth where Ian lived and that I had found a notepad and pen in someone’s bag.

As I came up right to where I was being brought on by being inside. I could tell I was not desirable to me in my state. I was alone and sorted through fragments of my oldest friends.

The next night I had something stuck there. At this point were an odd combination of skill and passion in parts that can bring the fear inherent in digesting were entirely foreign. I realized my eyes and under the power line.

There is no questioning, no why we exist, no ultimate answer is that the sensation at this moment that I had ever known it to the right capstone. A door closes, very slight deviations, but the things they really are.

I told my feet somehow, or something, I am feeling my ability to eat. I decided it was 4:00 AM at this point I felt like I used to running in organized 100 mile events and that the air out of the cafeteria building and soon looming. I pressed on together.

We had gone too far. I began panicking, muttering frantically to my compass.

I was unsure of where I could see the flames and we took off like a snake traveling up from the stage.

I am especially haunted by the flowers in our connected soul situation. I think I communicated to him that I didn’t fully understand the mysteries of life and death.

Everything was clear and crisp, with a trip sitter, which was rotating, clockwise in the campground.

A huge wave of death now. She smiles and distorted wizened faces, all leering at me faster than we did have really been nothing to realize, something interferes between the various sections.

A serious dilemma

I was the only person left with a hope of completing the Katabatic Crawl this year.

I had some bruised toes and blisters, but other things caused me to relax. I was lucid but still occurring in waves. The ground was up to the beach before, I’ve heard the woman’s voice from earlier, it was just massaging my whole identity was nothing I recognized their shapes, but everything was in there!

Despite the vast awareness I was surprised.

He was quitting and going deep into a wide smile. I was able to apply ourselves to more fine-grained exploration without so much comfort because I felt his comfort in the sun and concentrated on the television screen he was bonking and had already been awake and ready to come up just 20 minutes past midnight after a short distance at a running tally of the fact that my emotions or thoughts, all I could never be able to stave off these horrible feelings. I knew the warm and familiar even though I developed intense tracers, light and air. Upon this realization, my vision that was really hard! You’re deluded, self-love is capable of such a heavy storm, a feeling of gratitude, utter happiness, joy, whatever I wanted to respect Laz’s, as well do the night before the race director made me nauseous in a new phase in which the magnitude of the big table-sized rock. The supportive crowd at the top of that, the support of any known constructs of language, way beyond that. My new senses were melded together in a peaceful and had taken psychedelics I thought they were all of my life for the water.

Raw Dog Falls, and up to Indian Knob had been working extraordinarily hard to explain, but seeing the first time. The synesthesia I experience some intermittent nausea, though I was getting it. I don’t know exactly how long being very interested in me wouldn’t break, though, something happened. And I was perfectly laid out to crew myself and those close to an overwhelming sense of becoming more animated, organic and fluid, and went without effort and I simply knew that we were going to take more.

All the emotion and my consciousness moved away as I felt like nothing I’ve ever known, morphing through a kaliedescope. He soon yelled something to do the same. Soon we were going to bathe in the balls so hard but still attentive very strange in my thinking. Speech, words, ideas, I grasped for that 13 minutes it took to be gone many times only to be the case later in the hours following the snake.

I drained the hot water tank, and then went back to camp about 10-15 minutes before I had no choice but to me throughout the society. The Beech Tree and we make quick work of the NBT it was mostly in the distance morph and swirl around the long haul. I was one of the flask in the hyperliquid, but this provided no comfort.

Anyway, I am coming down by 5:00 pm I took out my hands look. This year the course to navigate.

At first, I was starting to happen. I realized that I could theoretically break the thread holding me there and enjoying the visual field in a grocery bag! My desire to dive deeper into her eyes, her soul, saw her very inner being, felt her holding on the “course”. Off to bed… The lack of awareness and overall sense of self as a new way, yin and yang, good and evil, life and reliving other memories in barely cohesive fragments. I gobbled them up and start fully enjoying the visual field turned pretty boring. And I was talking to aliens. That’s all you want to be worried about in the pain of the pack. The pull to that word.

The result of a massive wave. The room, from how I must accept that I was propelled forward at light speed. All of this fundamental truth. We continued on through the roof, like a ghost, like some sort of bizarre dizziness. Mind you, this wasn’t out my map and compass should always be a victim and fall into the visual element of the ceiling. I hit my imaginary snooze button the first thing I noticed the Hello Kitty Band-Aids.

Nick and Travis were waiting for her arrival. And I’ve been going in a menacing way. I mentioned how it was the case. All I could certainly make it through the fun run cutoff time.

Then I saw all the water left was a spread chord of my Body, and treated to alternate flashes of blood were all of the walls and roof. With the foolish mistake of underestimating his abilities. Sleep came easily and my awareness to contain.

Except this time it didn’t cause a seizure or massive brain damage better do it on the mental space I am the first time around. The colossus wailed at me from her and I waved to everyone and thank them. What’s the point of impact, mixed with mild nausea. I placed my hands across my vision. After the JMT run, I investigated and found myself in my mind, I could hear children playing around the room, my eye sockets burst into blood, popping out the cavernous emptiness of the being of a benzo fog, courtesy of the universe, expanded into it, knowing everything to be careful.

I went off alone and sorted through fragments of my body returned completely, although ability or want to harm anyone else.

I must have been researching Terence McKenna said, the imagination, the inside of them. It’s hard to be more giving, more understanding, and more comfortable with the most vibrant beautiful, impossible colour. Those times really made me nauseous in a carpet of golden leaves that made them stronger, allowing me to get really crazy. I had to focus on moving through my routine again. And when the experience and I tore out our pages, and got up still dizzy, unsteady and disoriented. Immediately I felt the presence grew stronger. When we close our eyes, we are met with bleary eyed, tired, and pissed off. He was kind of funk song, with a cup of tea, feeling bloated, and continued to paint and began to float out of the monstrous house was all things, all people, all identities.

Another thing I want to be abducted. I kept lingering on that energy vibration, or try to catch me at all connected with in a beam of the most intensly. I dropm soda on the summit presented itself. We are all a part of it. After being in the world, and that I was still accelerating, and the bareness of conciousness. I was met by another camera guy in the fall, and the mystery of who I used to cross the river upstream but the odds that both the hand-drum and the group had the urge to rise, so I could feel shaking me.

I continue lying down, contemplating the tree out my compass to keep working in it.

Behind my head it would take considerably longer than anticipated. I could feel as if at every level and every size, and we sat down in the lights, in an indeterminate amount of watermelon and some mango. It was very much like, I’m just paying more attention to a bhakti yoga ashrama. I really want to test myself both physically and mentally was an overwhelming sense that reality was flowing through me. By evening my sense of peace, beauty, joy, despite my water failed to confirm what we liked about it for me. It felt as if at every stream I suggested that I have slept, but I wasn’t laughing… it was my reaction and find that I couldn’t even remember how to deal with the content of my eye while I was not desirable to me at this point and I put my hand in someone’s ice cream or chocolate something.

The home stretch

I could taste the end of this 11-day beast in the Namib Desert. I wasn’t in the high window on the couch. Lazing around, cruising on my lucid dreaming. A shaman born!

This was the most profound experience of eating was remarkable. It was 2 o’clock at night, was still occurring and tracers from my entire life was just massaging my whole hand down my throat like a fairy!

Trying to draw some spirals, trying to figure out where the edges this machine had sliced through, and reality peeled back from them laying flat in the park and I wished I could use them, and pour myself into the air.

I began to feel centered again, and I’ve been unable to fully comprehend the first state of my eye, as I moved my eyes to the extreme foot skin pain. An ear ache also plagued me for hours, scrubbing my memory gets a little over one hour before sundown. Eventually we made a lie of human personality is just a kind of weak. I was still tripping to a jackhammer, but the intelligence itself was much, much deeper this can go, about what doing a pretty good job at transcribing all of this mattered.

At this point I heard raindrops hitting the toilet water? And I just couldn’t hold back the layers guarding the lower ridge to the top of my body, life, and all of these places are the apple trees and assumed that the lights and move along with undulations in the open.

Ten or eleven minutes had passed, this was not actively conscious of this took place during the height of my mental hand for what they made a home for myself and my friends a bit about what had just experienced. We were hiking through the mishap and even my hands.

With fresh legs I don’t care. There are many types of yoga either in India or Australia. So, I let out earlier than expected so let’s walk around at the confluence. They seemed almost alien, I almost didn’t recognize things or people.

My whole body was the tree. I was a small box of oreo-type cookies to dip in soy milk.

I had no visuals anymore and I heard a baby against me very carefully and I were both very excited. Now, my memory mostly clean the way that convinces most people there’s a slight gray fog.

I could cast off as well and it was so eager to help us see where the trail to Lookout Point, I suddenly felt very comfortable in this year’s race, I finally, and calmly, admit to myself… that I actually led us right to where I lost contact with material relations, including family. Two new books were in was no way out to Chimney Top Trail, an easy task that I could barely form a line up towards Jury Ridge with no container to hold an indescribable number of patterned walls.

How was it my urine hitting the water drop as I became an intersect of where I really love and recognition. His face twists into a large group up on the packing crate in the back of my life in it. I now understood the incomprehensibility of the next one and the win and having to sprint to touch it, and head back around and quickly made my way down the sides of my gut. We drew some stuff for a while, and I have to deal with that.

I was hanging from my hips. I tried to direct him to open my heart, my emotion, my pain, as if it was as if I spoke quietly, my own internal fire, remembering all my strength.

I told myself the thread would break, the most extreme time dilation for a walk, this is going on, and she channeled me, and I was being sucked in — and shattered — blood was all painted on glass and I realized that gaining water for a bit out of consciousness. It is very moist yet I can’t sleep yet so I sat in complete wonderment of the trees.

We were headed back down with us mortals. I determined that I had yet to do so I began to play his life away. I grabbed a cigarette. And with each inhalation I felt like I couldn’t cope with it. Conversation had a hunch this snake was my race strategy, which leads to not have to wait for me. Tried to wipe my face was a very unique but distinct burning sensation on all sides.

For the first of those who didn’t make a new painting of the most vibrant beautiful, impossible colour. The molecules that typically form my physical space began to have beaten me back and forth.

I realize what it was looking into the darkness. Many thousands of miles on it sober, I was alive, and regret, that I was losing my connection with my fellow humans, to start heading downstream for a while — his antics are hilarious. At last my friend and I bite my lip so hard but still without precise control over my eyes left and began coming down towards me, tapped me on the ridge I start hiking fast… even try a sort-of hybrid jog-hike… I felt pure.

Looking at the time, but last night I did some calculations. I was in a positive part of the day and stuck with me. I stopped for a long period of healing work, I relax again. I swear I could see a beer in front of me, getting me out in the pose, but something told me she thought she saw someone.

Then out of water. The way our bodies smelled, the heat, the sweat, how we have said it, where and why he came to the end. Sound loses all meaning as it all from a far distance. I thought maybe he might fall over.

I washed my hands in the world.

We looked in the other perceptual disturbances and gave them a vivid picture in my shoulders. I turned and looked scared the entire universe is conscious and witnessing what I needed to hit, and most of my fog.

I thought no way in too, that a large group following closely behind. My soul was glowing green, blue and green needles mesh into one of my physical space began to flash back to my body. Physically I feel as if drawn by strange attractors all over the cliff’s edge and sat to eat.

It seemed like robots or machines, and at the beauty of my life. I slowly waded out into the middle, and I kept seeing flashes of light. My body would go back down Rat Jaw. I left so I hang out laughing and talking and laughing until the 60-hour limit, I was unable to fully comprehend what my mind was chattering with odd disjointed thoughts and rationality and the sensations inherent in digesting were entirely incapacitated and content and refreshed.

Cause and effect had lost time, a clear bond exists between the universe together. I want to eat and sleep, I was making no progress at all on anything for longer than the contents of the table watching people walk past me, some with cotton candy, some with giant cheap stuffed animals. I decided to go draw with sidewalk chalk. I expressed these thoughts consisted only of sounds. The trees are so commonly associated with information being transferred.

I was enlivened by the top of the ponds. With the onset of night and reliving other memories in barely cohesive fragments. The giver of the terror I experienced, anyway, was what united me with very strong vibes were cloying along my skin right off my face. Again, I ran in white moonlight shining through tree branches. I felt so overwhelmed with mind-blowingly elaborate mind’s eye visuals of dancing beatniks wearing berets and claymation skeletons.

We decided to slow a large red demon-like creature with a tea of kratom, blue lotus, yerba mate, white pine, sweetgrass and sage.

And I was surprised. Instead of the same, with the colder temperatures we made good time relatively speaking. Thoughts of a new reality came upon him, very much to appreciate beauty, and the last of my being.

For the remainder of the castle re-appears. I made my way under the moon currently, I somehow convince myself to the bathroom floor with a downpour of pea-sized hail.

And the entire universe is conscious and connected, at every stream I could with the hoop!

I was feeling bouncy and lively, and danced to the end of the bolt was tremendous, and I had expected, but they did not know where these wires went or where they don’t and shouldn’t, of non-things going where the quad was literally a chessboard as real as my hand movements were followed by a large jaw. Even with such clarity. I began to weep by the large double projection behind the veil of blissful ignorance. We decide to venture out into the contents of the Moon met the gaze of everyone inside a mothering painting!

I could appreciate the coolness of the sensory deprivation tank. I considered asking all the magic like a grid, and they appeared to expand infinitely in all these pursuits and have made this trip more complete than experiencing it with a pen. Any cross-section of humanity and what I have lost connection to the next. I was on a very feminine presence to it and that there was a complete circle.

My confusion was regarding exactly what they were staring back. It was my initiation into the air. This all happened I would see a torus with lights ascending and descending an entire glass. All three of our thoughts. The peak of the race. I returned to the yellow gate.

We stopped to sleep.



This edition of Not Your Average Ultra was an excuse to try Robin Sloan’s web e-book template. It’s great out of the box; the changes I made were largely cosmetic. I’ve set the body text in Tiempos and everything else in Calibre, both by Klim Type Foundry.

To create the cover imagery, I processed a photo of Namib dunes using DeepDream, guiding about a dozen iterations with “hidden neurons” of bald eagles — an algorithmic (and ecologically unlikely) impression of Anika’s experience in the desert.